Our Approach

Our dedicated and nurturing teachers help build healthy minds through challenging and fun play-based learning. We focus on early education using Creative Curriculum®. Our curriculum is shaped around the following four key elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child:


It is imperative that children are better able to interact with the world around them and have the ability to express themselves with the development of social skills. We foster these skills at Alpha Beta Children’s Academy.


At Alpha Beta Children’s Academy, we stress the importance of every child showing their individuality without a fear of judgment by those around them. As a result, we offer the most nurturing environment available to our students, where they will be able to flourish.


We believe there should be a renewed interest in the physical aspects of health and fitness in a school curriculum. As a result, we integrate physical education into our curriculum in a way that makes it fun for our students, as well as intellectually stimulating and engaging. Motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fitness are all skills that our physical programs emphasize.


We encourage each child to grow intellectually and use critical thinking skills to analyze the world around them. We wish to shape these skills in a way that benefits the individual student in order to help them better use their own judgment. When our students leave Alpha Beta Children’s Academy they are better equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in grade school.